Cool Breeze in South Africa

air cond
Recently we were approached by an Australian client who had an established business in South Africa. He commission Avale Enterprises to procure high end commercial air conditioning systems for export to the South African market.
He had already completed extensive research before contacting us and had narrowed his search for suppliers to 2 in China but both these companies’ products still did not meet his exact requirements.
Within 48 hours of commissioning our team they provided him with a proposal that initially shocked him.
Avale Enterprises was able to source a company in Canada who made some of the highest efficiency commercial air conditioner that were able to function in high humidity environments.
It was hard for our client to believe that one of the coldest countries in the world produced some of the best air conditioners at such competitive rates.

His second order of these air conditioners was 300% larger than what he had originally planned due to the demand that it has created in South Africa.

Very happy client.