Defining the need to requisition the relevant supplier

The best possible price for the best possible quality, complying with the highest industry standards.

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Connecting you with your markets is our specialty

Through our extensive networks Avale Enterprises can represent your service or product in the best international markets.

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Processes so refined which have managed race teams

Regardless of size or need Avale Enterprises can offer you an innovative solution to your supply chain needs.

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Our foremost Goal is to Provide our Clients with Exceptional Service based on Current Data & Trends in the Relevant Industries


While Asia is the current global leader in low cost manufacturing, emerging markets such as the Middle East, South America and Africa should always be carefully considered as they all have certain industries which excel in their field of production with unsurpassed quality.

The other manufacturing giant in the world is the European continent. The specialised industries here offer quality, service and individuality that is truly hard to contest in comparison with their relevant industry across the globe. Here some of these companies have been operating for centuries not simply a number of years. The craftsmanship, engineering that is involved in their manufacturing capabilities is always breathtakingly innovative and brilliant even for the most demanding critics.

High-tech enterprises can evolve with incredible speed — the rapid adoption of new, paradigm-busting technology can challenge tried-and-true business models and competitive structures in a flash. Facing continual requirements for large capital investments and intense competition, an expanding number of high-tech companies are re-thinking their approach to sourcing and procurement.


Sourcing and supply management is an elusive service which may seem simple in conception but requires extensive experience and knowledge on a global scale in its successful implementation.
At Avale Enterprises we are specialists in the procurement of speciality products.

Our sourcing management is one of the most refined and complete in the industry. There are many companies that claim to be sourcing companies but in reality only source products from a limited number of countries or industries.

Avale Enterprises procure products based on your target market, budget, quality and certification requirements. We have always surpassed our client’s desires as we do not attempt to simply sell products but offer solid research and solutions to our clients to allow them to make informed decisions. This is what sets us apart from other companies; we offer a world of solutions and not simply a factory in China.

The ever changing global dynamics means that what may have been a good source of an item a year ago may not be today due to logistics, economic, environmental or political realities.

Providing comprehensive consultation to our clients is our chief responsibility and this focus always allows our clients to make decisions that have long term benefits instead of short term perceived gain.

We are conscious about whom we engage in business with and all prospective clients or partners show read our Company Ethos.


By purchasing greener products and leveraging your buying power, you will help stimulate market demand for greener products and services. Designing and making greener products, your business will improve public health and the environment and gain a crucial competitive edge.


While delivering savings remains the top procurement priority for most organisations, only 20 percent of companies substantially cut costs in 2014, according to a new survey of 545 procurement executives. Low-cost procurement strategy in which a company sources materials from countries with lower labour and production costs in order to cut operating expenses. However the real “costs” of this venture is not always disclosed or even investigated by most companies for their clients. We always find you long term sustainable options to consider.


Training programs in strategic sourcing enable organisations to realise three key benefits:

  • Improve the knowledge base and skills of procurement professionals
  • Turn this knowledge into sustainable improvement in procurement processes
  • Significantly reduce total cost of ownership for both goods and services

Participants learn the sourcing strategies they need to develop effective supplier relationships, improving supplier performance, reducing costs and lowering overall risk for your organisation.
Procurement teams, higher management and suppliers are actively engaged to draw a detailed long term savings roadmap. This is generally followed by identification of categories, with a potential savings and supply market analysis.


High-tech enterprises can evolve with incredible speed. The rapid adoption of new, paradigm-busting technology can challenge tried-and-true business models and competitive structures in a flash. Facing continual requirements for large capital investments and intense competition, an expanding number of high-tech companies are re-thinking their approach to sourcing and procurement.


After gaining a clear understanding of your business and your objectives, we help you to identify the best markets for your products, evaluate the potential in those markets, and develop a strategy to achieve successful market entry.


Many manufacturers are at the stage when they feel they should investigate selling their products in new industries, regions, countries etc. to try and increase their revenue.

The problem with this is that generally they don’t want to commit the large amount of time and money required to establish their product in a new market, as they are not sure it would even take off.

What we offer is a very different option for these companies as we can take this product from them to the new market at no cost to the manufacturer, depending on the product of course. We do the market research, we do the marketing, we do the selling and basically we take the risk.

Why would we do that? The simple reason is, we can do this because we would set up and manage a suitable representative/distributor for this product/service in the new market place and then recover our investment from sales commission.

If you are thinking of entering new markets, then simply get in touch and we would be happy to offer you a package which may mean you don’t even have to invest a dollar


Our goal is to provide domestic and international product manufacturers with the sales, marketing, and product distribution services required to be successful in various world markets.

We have the expertise, infrastructure and contacts to create a profitable experience for their high quality products, technology, software solutions, eco innovations, natural products, health/wellness, beauty, sports, functional foods, and beverage brands seeking to expand their product’s sales and distribution.

With our strong industry and buyer relationships, we have assisted hundreds of brands with their product’s retail placement and distribution. We utilise our relationships with key decision makers to successfully place product into the most sought after retail accounts.


Is your company currently managing your own warehousing operations or are you a start-up business looking to enter into a new market? Whether to outsource to a third party logistics company or to run your operations in-house is an important decision.

In the fast paced warehousing and logistics marketplace one warehousing solution is to outsource the warehouse distribution management by using a warehousing company. The use of public warehouses as a warehouse solution has distinct advantages to handling warehousing and logistics internally.

Your strategic decision is to enter a new market, or improve your services within an existing market; you can depend on Avale Enterprises to manage your distribution with little to no additional capital investment. Specialised partners who distribute locally or regionally can provide a service that dramatically improves your speed to market, customer service, and inventory management.

The benefits of outsourcing your distribution and warehousing needs is ideal if these are not your company’s core competency, if expertise and dedicated resources are not available to manage an internal or external distribution function, if your business is looking to quickly and/or temporarily enter into a new market to gain a competitive advantage, or if you are a start-up company.

The results in sales growth may exceed your expectations when properly managed as a strategic extension of your business model.


If you are a small to medium size business that wants to save money on the equipment and staff involved in product packaging, you should seriously consider the ways that contract packaging can benefit your business.
Here are some reasons why you should start using a contract packaging company today:

  • Ready to Ship Product
  • Eliminate Processes
  • Monitor Your Inventory
  • Packaging Design

Third-party packaging is growing in popularity due to its reliability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. In the modern economy, it’s an easy choice for many companies that want to skip the costs of in-house packaging.


High-tech enterprises can evolve with incredible speed — the rapid adoption of new, paradigm-busting technology can challenge tried-and-true business models and competitive structures in a flash. Facing continual requirements for large capital investments and intense competition, an expanding number of high-tech companies are re-thinking their approach to sourcing and procurement.


We have an excellent integrated customs broker service.
We offer clearance, trade and tariff services for all cargoes, and have special services and experience in the fields of:

  • Automotive industries
  • Biotechnology, Optical and Life Sciences
  • Construction industries
  • Electronics
  • Food, Beverage, Wine and spirits industries
  • Plastics and Chemicals

Our customs brokers are able to guide you through the maze of government regulations, provide advice and information, and swiftly execute clearances and other essential actions on your behalf.

Our goals are to ensure that your shipments are imported, exported, and cleared in compliance with all laws whilst meeting critical delivery schedule requirements and controlling costs.

Avale Enterprises provides brokerage and trade compliance services to organisations of all sizes – from the very small to some of the world’s largest and most well known companies.

Avale Enterprises can conduct compliance audits and advise and assist in the establishment and implementation of compliance systems that will satisfy regulatory authorities concerned with imports and exports.


A firm may create a cost advantage either by reducing the cost of individual supply chain activities or by reconfiguring the supply chain.

Once the supply chain is defined, a cost analysis can be performed by assigning costs to the value chain activities. The costs obtained from the accounting report may need to be modified in order to allocate them properly to the value creating activities.

10 cost drivers related to supply chain activities:

  • Economies of scale
  • Learning
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Linkages among activities
  • Interrelationships among business units
  • Degree of vertical integration
  • Timing of market entry
  • Firm’s policy of cost or differentiation
  • Geographic location
  • Institutional factors

A firm develops a cost advantage by controlling these drivers better than do the competitors.

A cost advantage also can be pursued by reconfiguring the supply chain. Reconfiguration means structural changes such a new production process, new distribution channels, or a different sales approach. For example, FedEx structurally redefined express freight service by acquiring its own planes and implementing a hub and spoke system.


Companies turn to outsourcing and consulting for many reasons. They look to reduce costs, shorten cycle time, improve shareholder value, decrease inventory, focus on core competencies, gain information technology and increase expertise.

Many enterprises find that keeping focused on their business strategy can be very difficult, especially when supply chain issues progressively tend to overwhelm their operations and administration. Ongoing situations such as parts shortages, warranty management, customer service and unwanted inventory growth can quickly consume needed internal resources and reduce an otherwise attractive profit margin. This is particularly true for small, start-up organisations that should otherwise be focusing their efforts on growing their business, rather than managing their supply chain.


Whether you need fulfilment for e-commerce orders, parts, samples, POS or sales collateral, Avale Enterprises has the pick and pack order fulfilment expertise that’s right for your customers, dealers, franchisees or sales force. Our warehouse management system seamlessly integrates distribution and project management to reduce time lines, costs and inventory. And our state-of-the-art shipping manifest system ensures that each shipment is delivered at the lowest possible rate.


Our Expertise & Experience Encompass a Number of Key Sectors

  • Manufacturing Industrial
  • Manufacturing Energy & Utilities
  • High-Tech
  • Chemicals
  • Apparel
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Government & Non-Profit
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Sports and leisure
  • Prototyping

About Us

Expertise Drives Insight and Insight Drives Value

Avale Enterprises with its head office in Melbourne, Australia was founded by its Director primarily as a procurement company. Due to the efficiency and quality of Avale Enterprises’ operations and client demand for further ongoing services has lead the company to its current standing of offering business development solutions which can be delivered nationally or internationally.

All projects have a highly skilled dedicated project manager who will be the first and last point of contact. This system allows your dedicated manager to fully understand your requirements and liaise with our different specialised departments to provide you with the most punctual project delivery time at the lowest cost.

The project manager’s task is simple; surpass our client’s expectations with seamless service that is defined by precision.

What makes Avale Enterprises distinguished amongst our peer organisations is our business practice which adheres to the following principles:

  • Professionalism
  • Product innovation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Versatility and prudence
  • Quality products and service at the lowest prices
  • Dedication and loyalty of the workforce

Any project that is undertaken by us will first and foremost have its ethical and environmental impact assessed and we endeavor to provide solutions that both satisfy our Company Ethos and our clients’ needs.

Avale Enterprises is an organisation with agency offices around the world. The reality of this position means for our clients that we are able to produce, manufacture, engineer, design, distribute and provide any and all services that are covered by the procurement and development process in the most efficient and timely manner. In fact we are so good at what we do 90% of our clients come through recommendations. This is a badge we wear proudly.

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We Are Defined By Your Success

We came to Avale Enterprises for a solution from A to B and drove away with a detailed plan all the way to G.

client Daniel Zullolo President, Toyota Motor Sport

Avale Enterprises' approach was meticulous and surpassed our expectations.

client Ben Tarrin Project Manager, MAERSK

Brilliant service with a researched and experienced approach. Managed our logistics and consult on product development and distribution.

client Jane Thanyaluk Director, Koenji Vintage

Impressive knowledge base at Avale Enterprises. Our organisation needed to manufacture multiple patented high-tech equipment. Avale Enterprises was approached initially for the prototyping. In the end they consulted and managed the supply chain to retail delivery.

client Ultraes Director, Daniel Lee

Ultra Firm has been using Avale Enterprises to source our merchandise for the past 2 years. The equipment is top quality at a very affordable price! It has been used in group / corporate training and has held up to the rigorous conditions. All orders have arrived on time with no hassles. They have assisted us in setting up and selling it through our website further increasing our revenue streams.

client Murray MacCormack Director, Ultra Firm

Our company wanted to investigate the potential of distribution within certain European and Australian markets. Avale Enterprises' initial market testing reflected all the results of their preliminary reports. They are very experience at providing us with exactly what we needed, breaking it into multiple small stages instead of one large project.

client Manuel Garcia Sales Manager, Koala


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